No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

Dick: Uh oh, someone’s got her eye on that Miss White Trash title.
Beaver: You know, you got solid effort in the talent competition, but I’d like to see that car up on some cinder blocks.
Logan: Guys, come on.
Veronica: I know. Guys, come on. The talent is making a grilled cheese sandwich on the engine block. Guys, come on. You can’t put your car up on blocks in the yard if you don’t have a yard. You know, I think I can do both sides of this little act now. So how about next time, you don’t bother. I got it covered.

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VOTE VERONICA MARS!!!!! MTV Movie Brawl 2014

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Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed. Epic!

Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshedEpic!

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Jason Dohring takes a side in the Veronica/Piz/Logan love triangle debate [x]

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